Let’s talk about this oil spill.

There are many people pointing fingers and finding fault.

I am convinced that this is a simple (yet difficult) problem and could have been fixed and contained IF those in power wanted it done.

I am of the opinion one of the two following conditions exists – neither of them bodes well for the American citizenry.  First is that the Obama-nation wants to use this “crisis” to stop all offshore oil research and drilling so they are dragging their heels.  Or possibly something less sinister, the administration is so incompetent and inept that they can’t even implement a plan that has had solutions in place and on paper for over 20 years.  I’m not sure.  Frankly, I would prefer to think it is the later not the former.

If this had happened three years ago all the news stories would be about how the Bush administration is at fault and how Bush failed to act.  How Cheney’s friends in the oil business have taken advantage of a stupid President.  Today…. Nary a whisper.  The newsies blame BP but say nothing about the lack of government intervention over the first nine days.  They were all worked up about the George Bush seven minutes, yet say nothing about the Obama nine days.

But I digress……


There has been talk about hay or straw being used to soak up the oil and then burning the straw. I have seen one local news story about this and one video on Youtube.


There is a good amount of straw out here in the grain belt that is simply sitting and decomposing from previous years.  It might not be the whole solution but it could be part of it.  I have also heard of oil eating bacteria that is effective in oil cleanup. I’m sure there are other chemicals and treatments that COULD BE employed if the Department of Environmental Protection would ALLOW them.  Yet the only government solution from the Obama Administration for the first ten days was to “Put the heel of our boot on the neck of BP” – (Press Secretary Robert Gibbs).  Why is that?  Incompetence – or intentional?


One final thought.

Do you think the oil companies would be drilling for oil in mile deep water if the government would open up Wyoming and Colorado for oil exploitation?  Wouldn’t it be easier to go after the oil that is in 60 feet of water off the California coast than go after the oil that is only accessible under a mile of corrosive salt water?  Why are we not going after the oil shale deposits in Wyoming and Colorado?  Why are we not drilling for oil in Alaska and in the shallow waters of  California and Florida?  There is some activity in North Dakota but only a pittance compared to what could be.  How about coal to diesel?  It can and is being done on a test basis.  It has been proven to be more cost effective than offshore deep water drilling for oil.  Coal to oil alone would all but eliminate our dependence on foreign oil AND cost less.  Yet we don’t do it on a grand scale.  Why?  The Enviro-nazi’s have blocked all of these at every opportunity.  So we have to go far offshore and look for oil in mile deep hostile surroundings.  A place where if an accident were to occur, it would be very difficult to fix.

A similar situation on the High Plains of North Dakota would have been caped and shut down is a matter of hours – not weeks. So… (like stopping the use of asbestos on the 75th floor when building the World Trade Center) it seems to me that, like many liberals and their unintended consequences……

This is an environmental disaster HAS BEEN CAUSED by the environmentalists.


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  1. The fault lies with the MMS and corruption within. They basically allowed the oil industry to be self-regulating. Obama is at fault for not fixing the agency broken by the Bush administration, but I guess he had a few other things on his plate.

  2. Excuse me? It’s all George Bush’s fault?
    Is it Bush’s fault that the Democrat Governor of Colorado will not allow any mining of oil Shale?
    Is it Bush’s fault that Senator Tim Johnson (D) South Dakota was the deciding vote to keep the Wyoming oil fields closed?
    Is it George Bush’s fault that the Sierra Club stands in the way of ANY new oil production?
    Is is George Bush’s fault that the Democrat Controlled Congress still will not allow any oil exploration in ANWAR?
    The US oil industry is one of most regulated (and taxed) in the nation. Self regulating my butt!
    My premise still stands, if the enviro’s would get out of the way and let us get to the easy oil, we would not have to be going after the dangerously difficult oil.

    • [The US oil industry is one of most regulated (and taxed) in the nation.]

      They know how to avoid regulation and taxes. Why do you think they were flying the Marshall Islands flag?

      • My point made once again. If they were allowed to get the oil that is easy, they would not have to do it the hard way.
        Another thing. I do not know if your flag claim is true, I do know that during the time of Your Hero’s administration that drill platform was inspected and given high marks for safety. Not Bush’s inspectors – Obama’s.

      • No, actually the inspector, Chrys Oynes, was appointed during the Bush administration and announced his resignation today. This oil disaster is Bush’s Katrina Part II.

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