NASCAR’s lackluster attendance – What happened?

Once upon a time (about three years ago) I was an avid NASCAR fan.  I would not talk on the phone and would only barely tolerate company when a race was on.  Short of a funeral, I never made plans on race day.  That was then…. Yesterday, when I finished mowing the lawn and doing some other things outside, I came in and turned on the last half of the NASCAR race.

One of the first things I noticed was the stands.  Less than 1/2 full!  I remember days when the Michigan races were sold out weeks in advance.  That’s why they built all those seats in places where people can barely see the front stretch.  Fans filled those seats too on race day.

What happened?  It is my opinion that three things happened.  One, the economy in Michigan is in miserable shape and (two) the track (and NASCAR) has failed to respond by lowering their ticket prices.

Add to this number three, the “COT” which I prefer to call the “POS”.  A cookie cutter car with 1/16th to 1/32’s inch deviations from the templates not allowed.  Restriction of rear end gear choices, mandatory height limits, suspension travel limits and on and on into nausea.

NASCAR has become IROC.  IROC never took off because of the cookie cutter cars.

I think the POS is the MAJOR factor in lackluster attendance.  NASCAR needs to do an anal cranium-ectomy and get back to what made the sport popular – stock car racing.

Safety is one thing but restricting creativity will kill any endeavor.  NASCAR has mandated away all the fun.

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