So… You want to live in South Dakota?

What I want to share are some photos and a story.

Here are three pictures taken yesterday afternoon.  For those of you who do not know, we live in a rural part of South Dakota.  Sometimes the winters can be a challenge, sometimes a blessing. 

Our house is about 3/4 miles from our mailbox.  The road to the mail box is completely clear which is great.  We can get to the mailbox.  Too bad our mailman can’t.

 The first is from the corner where our mailbox is looking west toward the main highway. 

 The second is the same spot looking east toward our nearest neighbor.

The third is me standing on a wind packed snow drift that is less than 24 hours old.  I am pointing DOWN to our mailbox.

Now the story.  No way in or out to the north.  The road to the south had a 4′ high X 300′ drift across it about half a mile to the south of our house so no way out that way either.   We were completely snowbound.

Last night around 7 we get a knock on the door.  It was our neighbor to the south, Waldo!  He had been out since 3 clearing snow.  He asked the man who rents the working part of his farm to take his tractor mounted snow blower and cut a path through the long drift between us.  Now we can get out to the south.  Why did he do that?  So we could get in and cut firewood from his shelter belt.  The one he had just spent three hours clearing. 

 The rest of the story?   Waldo is 86 years old.

I want to live in South Dakota?

You bet!

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