Maybe not…

 My father was not a self made millionaire, but he was a self made man. He was the sole owner and employee of a floor care and janitorial business. When I was a young boy I would go with him on the weekends and in the summer. On Mondays we would clean and re-wax the dance floors at the local taverns and clubs. This was back in the days of wood dance floors. We would use a good paste wax and make them slippery and easy on the leather soled shoes. Needless to say, you could never do that in today’s litigious society.

This little story brings me to this morning:

I was outside in the wood shop working on an old window frame. In my endeavor to make the rebuilt frame fit and slide properly, I needed to plane off a bit of the wood on the sides. But like most projects, one must do one thing before doing another. I needed to clean and re-wax the surface of my power planer. I used a bit of extra fine emery paper to clean the surface then (once vacuumed) applied a thin coat of Johnson’s Paste Wax for wood. The rich aroma of that wax brought me back to those dance floors I helped polish as a boy.

I think I will title this blog:

“Smells of My Father”

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