The news this week is all abuzz over a man jumping the White House fence, running across the lawn and getting into the East Room before being stopped.

There is a national !GASP! in the collective media. Congress is holding hearings. One Congressman suggested issuing a ‘shoot to kill on site’ order. Investigations will follow. Heads will roll! (well, actually they won’t – bureaucrats are a protected species). There will be a lot of talk about “This never happening again!”.

Is it time to answer the question, “How did we get here?”

Here’s a bit of history: In the eighteen hundreds, even into the early nineteen hundreds, people in Washington DC would hold family picnics on the lawn of what was then called The Presidential Manor. There were no gates, no fences and no gun laws. Teddy Roosevelt (one of my least favorite Republican presidents) would even walk around the grounds and talk with the folks picnicking on the lawn.

Today to even lean on the tall wrought iron  fence surrounding that building will get you, at the very least, a stern warning.

What happened? Why is this so. Are we not the same people as our great – great grandfathers and grandmothers? The DNA hasn’t changed. So the environment had to.

In the eighteen hundreds people were self reliant those who weren’t were aided by private charities. They, for the most part, went to church. They worked hard and raised families. The children of those families were taught Judeo-Christian values, manners and respect for others. Mothers and fathers were in control of their children’s upbringing and education. They were taught the American culture. Violence was minimal and literacy was significantly higher than it is today.

Today we have a new culture. A culture where government is father and mother. Government is the teacher and the disciplinarian. Government gives and takes as it see fit. Government is the new king. People in this new culture are raised by television (public or government television during the formative years) and government schools. There is no mom at home to set a standard, because mom has to work to pay the taxes this new king demands. Thanks to the Progressives in the ACLU, there is no God in school to provide any guidance or moral compass. Thanks to moral relativism there is no right or wrong. People are not restrained by this new faulty upbringing and have little to no respect for other individuals. Video games teach it is okay to kill and the schools teach that behavior is neither right or wrong.

So, no wonder we need gates, guard dogs and even “Shoot to Kill” orders to protect the current elected leader of this semi totalitarian kingdom. The king himself made it that way.

To rid ourselves of the disease in our culture we need to look back one hundred years, before the Progressive era. We need to look at what worked then and try very hard to make it work again today. It will not be easy. The Progressives have been in control of government, education and much of entertainment warping and distorting our concept of right and wrong for most of the last one hundred years. It won’t correct in a day. But it won’t correct at all if we don’t start reminding people of a once civilized culture that held family picnics on the White House lawn.


The Evil of government playing Robin Hood.

Before I start, I want to warn those with certain easily offended “sensitivities”….

Warning – the following commentary contains certain conservative Christian principals that might offend some on the left.  Liberals should consider not reading further.

I would like to talk about the insidiousness of the government taking (at the point of a gun and the threat of long term incarceration) money from one person or family to simply redistribute it to another person or family.

This very act is Evil in the worst way.  I truly believe it is the work of the Devil.

“Pretty strong words,” you say, “gonna back that up?  There are people all around us that need our help. Look at the School Lunch program for just one thing. Are you so mean, cruel and heartless that you would let a starving child go hungry?”

That’s a good question.  As are all the rest of the questions that follow the same format.  (“see that person – see the pain — don’t you think the government should help?”)

My answer 99% of the I time is a resounding NO!  I do not think it is the purpose of government to help the needy.  It is the responsibility of society (spelled p-e-o-p-l-e) to help the needy.

Here’s how this is an evil that could only be conjured up by Satan himself.

1. Government takes (by force) from one person and gives it to itself.  Then it takes a portion of that booty and doles it out to others.  It has no obligation to try to improve the condition or state of the person it is “helping”.  In many cases these bureaucracies are set up just the opposite.  They need the needy to continue to get their funding.  If they actually solve the problem they would be out of a job.

2. A person looks at the inner cities (as another example), with all the government programs and agencies in place, and decides that they don’t need to do anything for the folks there because the government is taking care of it.  So the people who are living there rarely, if ever, get any real help.

3. The government, by taking a large portion of a persons income or earnings, has left less for the companionate man or woman to give to those who may have a need.  Good Christians know that when you give, you receive back.  If you have less to give (because the government stole it from you) then you will receive less of a blessing from your giving.  This is just simple math.


This is insidiousness of this evil.  You know there is true need out there.  You want to do something.  You can’t do much because you can’t afford it.  Or, worse yet, you don’t see the need because you think the government is taking care of it.

You get ripped off twice in the name of liberalism.  They call you cruel and mean and selfish when you complain about the taxes you are paying,  So they get away with they stealing your money, denying you the blessing derived from giving.  In other cases they tell you not to give because they have taken care of it.

The people of the United States of America are the most generous people in the world.  We give even when it hurts.  If we were given the liberty to choose where our giving should go, we would be willing to help that child get his school lunch.  Even more, we would look to the cause of this child not having lunch money and work to solve that as well.

I truly believe that We the People can do a far better job helping our fellow man in need than the government can ever do.  Just give us the chance.

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